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7 Way to make yourself happy and not depressed

7 Way to make yourself happy and not depressed

People have emotions, unhappy or when the majority, some people still love angry, angry to furious, calm down and regret, why so angry, how can we not angry? How to make yourself happy is not depressed?
1, open minded:
Told one of us living in the world, has a lot of hardships and setbacks, should be happy to live day to day, the day is the day angry, happy day is the day, why unhappy? To upset, put it down, tell yourself all the bad things are in the past, look ahead, tomorrow the sun is still bright, so why bother yourself frown.
2, the attitude a little better:
A man should have a good attitude, so as to perfectly healthy, happy, and keep a positive attitude, with efforts to resolve the difficulty, not to escape, do not back down, trying to do my best, do not frown all day , helpful, you can solve the problem? Frown only make yourself depressed, become more and more negative, the more lost.
How to make yourself happy is not depressed

3, do not get too attached:
Do not be too persistent, persistent spirit that could have been good, but too dedicated people live too tired, want to know some things not by their perseverance will succeed, some things are not for you, earn no avail himself hard, no regrets on the line, do not be too concerned about, was happy, frankly, did not get lost, indifferent, to learn to go with the flow, so it will not morose.
4, do not be too pursuit of perfection:
There is no perfect thing, the moon is a beauty of incomplete, excessive pursuit of perfection, but will regret, perfection is a state of mind, an aggressive attitude is not far behind, but to hold a degree, to live within its means otherwise encounter point of failure will be unhappy, depressed, lost, so it is still a little better contentment, contentment, know contentment, and be happy.
5, not too seriously:
The pros and cons of doing things not too seriously, people care about right or wrong, to be a little generous, forgiving, or regular care, is to find ourselves uncomfortable, they do not make happy, always feel they pay more, get less, someone else is doing how to be, you should learn to know, something to do lose.
6, do not seek fame and fortune:
Covet fame people will be unhappy, will never get out alive tired of fame and fortune to know a thing apart, there is a guarantee of life, live unrestrained healthy and happy is more important, the higher the station, the more lonely, lonely at the top human freedom should be the pursuit of happiness, health, rather than fame and fortune, fame and fortune will be the stumbling block of their own happiness.
7, will have bitter complaint:
In the life and work if they encounter difficulties and setbacks, it difficult to solve, or experiencing emotional things, more depressed, this time, do not their teeth, bitter trouble depressed to talk to their friends about, or own to find a suitable way to vent, do not squeeze the heart, not drinking to forget, or will be less happy and more depressed.
8, happy the most important health:
Human life is short, live is happy, happy to be healthy, and friends fight, said that he had to forgive, forget it, and lovers quarrel, in fact, there is no need to get angry people are close to their loved ones people are wrong to admit, not to the poor face, hurt feelings, to be happy, you will find yourself surrounded by people who are happy with their smile to transfer positive energy, not complain about life’s not fair, no complaints not liking the work, always happy to know that health is the most important.

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